About Us

Soulselecta dropped on Oct. 28 2006, originally hosted by residents Setra, Tu Tehn, and Saxon. We’ve been on hiatus since summer 2012, and are looking for a venue to host us one Saturday a month. When we’re active, current residents Sarcastro, gamma and Saxon welcome one or two guests each night – music covers hip-hop, dancehall, reggae, breaks, funk, afrofunk, dubstep, uk funky, electro, nu jazz, jungle, trip-hop and whatever else we’re feelin.

We’ve got a lot of amazing guest performers lined up, and our past guests include

  • Amadeus (NY)
  • Bass Machines
  • Bliss
  • Boogie Howzer
  • Bowzer
  • C-Rat
  • Caesar
  • Chameleonic
  • Chris Feela
  • Chris Rockwell
  • CPI
  • Daisy
  • Darc
  • Dodeca
  • Drixel
  • Dubconscious
  • DubLDrop
  • DZ
  • Echo Swift
  • Emm
  • Fiver
  • Graham J
  • ishferbrains
  • Jas Nasty
  • Joe Rowe
  • Jokers of the Scene
  • Justin Case/E=MC
  • Karl Haze
  • Kilin
  • Liar’s Rosebush / Math Rosen
  • Mania
  • Marty McFly
  • Mugz
  • Mz. Revolution
  • Nick Dub/N-Dub
  • NRG-7
  • Meterman
  • Method of Movement
  • Mike the Tailor
  • Oblio
  • Pandemic/Phil Atio
  • Phosphor
  • Plush
  • Polly
  • RedEyz
  • Ripsey (Brahma Breaker)
  • Root Sellers
  • Sarcastro
  • Saxon
  • Schematic/Schema
  • Setra
  • Shaun Doe
  • Shok/Matt Thomas
  • Snug
  • s0urce
  • Stu Blunt
  • Tamerax
  • The Latest Artists
  • Threesixty
  • Trevlek
  • Tsunami
  • Tu Tehn
  • Wahblah
  • Woblz/Supaman

Your soulselectas are:



Co-founder and resident of Soulselecta Saturdays (since 2006) and Konkrete Jungle Ottawa (since 2008), Rob Saxon has booked and/or played ‘longside many of the capital’s top EDM DJs. His eclectic repetoire includes reggae, dancehall, dubstep, downtempo, hip-hop, funk, breaks, house, electro, psy-trance, jungle/dnb and anything in between.

» Check out Saxon’s tunes



Sarcastro was introduced to the sound of drum and bass in the late 90’s when he heard Photek’s Modus Operandi played at a party and soon afterward could be found listening to dnb/jungle nearly 24/7. To the horror of his neighbours, he began buying bigger and bigger speakers to get his fix, eventually grabbing himself a set of decks.

Now with a number of gigs under his belt, residencies with Soulselecta and B.H.C., and his weekly radio show (‘longside Woblz, MC Caesar & guests) into its third year on the UK-based DnBNoize.com, he’s been working hard to make his mark. While leaning towards the harder/darker end of the drum and bass spectrum (neurofunk, techstep, darkstep, etc.), he’s been known to drop a bit of liquid, jump-up, ragga, and more recently dubstep into his sets.

» Check out Sarcastro’s tunes



gamma’s love for electronic music began before he even knew what to call it. This passion grew to the point that he left his home town in late 1999, to begin a new life in Ottawa in pursuit of the electronic music scene. A few short years later, it became apparent to him and those around him that gamma was destined to dj.

In addition to recording more than 30 mixes spanning 45 minutes to 2 hours, gamma has performed at a variety of clubs, pubs, bars, lounges, raves, house parties and weddings, in Ottawa, Montreal, and New York. His inclinations span across the entire spectrum of electronic music, and beyond, favouring “what sounds good” rather than allowing himself to be branded as one genre or another.

» Check out gamma’s tunes