I think I’ve finally recovered from the weekend – Jungle ‘pon the Patio was absolute ruckus on Friday – the Belgians WASP and LadyLite TORE THE PLACE UP – Ottawa junglists came out and represented PROPER (check the video above!)  – much thanks to DBVaig, the aforementioned Belgians, DJ K, and of course my co-conspirator and partner in criminal promotion Mz. Revolution.  Saturday went off with a bang as well with myself and gamma lockin down 2 hours @ the annual XVI BBQ, followed up with Brixton’s at night – nuff respect to Shok for a sick, sick set – had the patio bumpin!  gamma, as always, locked things down tight – really fun night all around.

Last week, Crash Override from Project D asked me to put together a promo mix of DJ? Acucrack tunes for Hack the Planet (coming up on August 8th).  DJ? Acucrack is headlining the party, and I have to say, these guys are solid.  I hadn’t heard about them before seeing the lineup for this party, but I’m really feelin their music.  Dark, but really upbeat and energetic – I had a blast puttin this together! Here’s a little taste of things to come on August 8th:

saxon_acucrack_minimix.mp3 (30:01, 192kbps, 41mb)

01 :: Airlock
02 :: Iced Ages
03 :: Selector VS The Acucrack
04 :: The Test
05 :: Mal Fader
06 :: Recalx
07 :: Chronic Suspension
08 :: The Speed of Darkness
09 :: So To Speak (Sascha KMFDM Remix)
10 :: Behind the Wheel
11 :: Renegade DJ
12 :: Gangland (Volume 1)
13 :: Terror Train
14 :: Gangland (Volume 1) :: outro

(all tunes by DJ? Acucrack, mixed by Saxon)

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